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    A collaboration between

    Yavilah McCoy, Dimensions Educational Consulting &

    the Jewish Emergent Network

  • You Are Invited

    Although this challenge was originally framed around the Jewish High Holy Days, we hope you'll find it to be a soul-stretching journey no matter when you begin or how long it takes you to complete.


    Over the month of Elul 5780/2020, Dimensions and the Jewish Emergent Network asked participants around the country to join us for a program of anti-racism reflection, discovery, action and transformation. And now you can take part in this challenge at your own pace, anytime that works for you.


    Based on Dimensions CEO Yavilah McCoy's powerful adaptation of the Al Chet/Confession liturgy of Yom Kippur, you are invited to engage in a regimen of readings, videos, podcasts and calls to action that will open your hearts and deepen your practice of dismantling racism. Across diverse entry points, our racial equity challenge will lovingly move you to re-engage your emotions, inspire your belief, expand your mindset and recover your connections to the infinite. Join our journey of Teshuva/Return as we courageously explore our individual and collective capacity for change at the intersections of race, power, privilege, supremacy and oppression in our lives.


    This journey offers 24 daily prompts in four thematic sections, as well as a final video. Our Racial Equity Challenge includes two tracks, offering specific resources for both White Jews and Black, Indigenous, Sephardi/Mizrahi and broadly identified Jews of Color.

  • How It Works


    Read the Al Chet

    Click here to read Yavilah McCoy's powerful adaptation of the Al Chet confessional liturgy.



    Come back to this page as often as needed to receive your prompts (see below), which include anti-racism readings, videos, podcasts, calls to action, and more.


    Start a journal

    After reading and reflecting on each prompt's resources and call to action, we hope you will spend time journaling regarding your experience. What were your successes in engaging the prompt's call to action? Where did you encounter internal or external difficulties? What's one insight from your experience that you might use to inform/develop your ongoing anti-racist practice?


    Be accountable

    Once you decide to take the challenge, we invite you to invite an accountability partner--from among your own friends, family, or community--who will join the journey and will meet with you regularly to process.

  • Racial Equity Challenge

    24 prompts broken down into four sections.

  • A Final Prayer from Yavilah McCoy

    This prayer was initially offered for Rosh Hashana 2020/5781, but we think it's 

    a powerful way to end the challenge no matter when you're joining us.

  • Neither the Jewish Emergent Network nor Dimensions are directly endorsing any of the artists, healers, diverse teachers of faith, or other content creators whose work is linked in this challenge. We are sharing the world of spirit equitably with many people as we endeavor to learn more about our need to work together across diverse faith communities to dismantle racism and white supremacy for us all.​

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