• Introducing a Year of Better Being

    "Every seven years we have the precious opportunity to tap into an internal and eternal reservoir of agency. It’s on us as individuals and as a community to tune into these cyclical opportunities and use them wisely if we wish to survive and thrive. The Year of Shmita, re-imagined, is our invitation to release and to renew our very essence. To begin again."

    Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Founder, Lab/Shul

  • Justice in the Land: Then and Now

    California State Senator Sydney Kamlager in conversation with activist Dev Brous and Rabbi David Kasher of IKAR


    Tiffany Shlain, Nigel Savage, Ginna Green, Stosh Cotler, and System Ali join Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie and Reverend Derrick McQueen to introduce a year of reflection, repair, release, and renewal

  • Our Shmita Journey

    Reimagine the balance between work/life and body/soul, and commit to what nurtures us as individuals, families, and teams, with Shmita as our guidepost

    Rise higher in our work towards repair, antiracist action, and racial justice in the United States in this Shmita year

    Spring 2022: Holy Land

    Explore Shmita's messages about home, land, and coexistence, engaging with Israelis and Palestinians working together towards a better future

    Summer 2022: Planet Earth

    Meet the urgency of the climate crisis by drawing inspiration from Shmita and taking individual and collective action on behalf of our planet

    September 2022:

    The Next Seven Years

    Chart a vision for the next seven-year cycle with Shmita’s lessons at its core in the coming Elul