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    We knew this Yom Kippur was going to feel different from all others, and that you would be doing the holy work of the day from your own home and at your pace. Because so much of this content is still relevant, we'll leave this site up well beyond Yom Kippur. Even if the concept of "sin" doesn't feel as urgent as it did on Yom Kippur, we'll think you'll be moved by the experiences here.


    We made a blueprint that allows you to set the architecture of your own experience. Make your way through our rooms full of diverse, a la carte content curated and created by the seven Jewish Emergent Network communities, engaging with the powerful themes of the Al Chet confessional liturgy throughout. Content includes streaming video, as well as audio-only sessions for those who don’t want to be in front of a screen.


    Shana tovah.


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