• With Kohenet Elana Brody, Kohenet Aliza Rivka, and R'Miriam Rubin

    Join us live on October 26 on Romemu's Facebook page

  • Introducing a Year of Better Being

    "Every seven years we have the precious opportunity to tap into an internal and eternal reservoir of agency. It’s on us as individuals and as a community to tune into these cyclical opportunities and use them wisely if we wish to survive and thrive. The Year of Shmita, re-imagined, is our invitation to release and to renew our very essence. To begin again."

    Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Founder, Lab/Shul

  • 4 Themes, 4 Seasons

    Monthly Opportunities to

    Pause & Reflect


    Each month, Network rabbis in conversation with leading activists, experts, and visionaries asking what this Shmita year demands of us


    On Yom Kippur, Jewish Emergent Network launched the year-long Shmita initiative as part of Lab/Shul's evening program.


    Tiffany Shlain, Nigel Savage, Ginna Green, Stosh Cotler, and System Ali join Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie and Reverend Derrick McQueen to introduce a year of reflection, repair, release, and renewal

  • Details about the fall 2021 line-up coming soon!

    Fall 2021:  Body

    Reimagine the balance between work/life and body/soul, and commit to what nurtures us as individuals, families, and teams, with Shmita as our guidepost

    Winter 2021-2022: This Land

    Rise higher in our work towards repair, antiracist action, and racial justice in the United States in this Shmita year

    Spring 2022: Holy Land

    Explore Shmita's messages about home, land, and coexistence, engaging with Israelis and Palestinians working together towards a better future

    Summer 2022: Planet Earth

    Meet the urgency of the climate crisis by drawing inspiration from Shmita and taking individual and collective action on behalf of our planet

    September 2022:

    The Next Seven Years

    Chart a vision for the next seven-year cycle with Shmita’s lessons at its core in the coming Elul